Touch and go - you’re cleared to land?

I can’t find an answer to this query. Apologies if it has already been covered.

I’ve noticed on many occasions (Advanced Server) that when I request a touch and go, I’m first given pattern instructions, followed by a clearance to land rather than clearance for a touch and go or cleared for the option.

When this happens, should pilots just go ahead and perform a touch and go, or should pilots announce ‘correction’ and ask again for a touch and go?

And does anyone have any suggestions to help ATC easily distinguish between the two requests? I appreciate that when its really busy its not easy for ATC to remember what the pilot has requested.

We have to give you pattern instructions before we clear you to land.

Cleared for the option IS your clearance to full stop, touch & go, stop & go (if traffic allows), low over pass, high overpass and etc. Cleared for the option allows you to do all of the above and more


I’m aware that its correct to be given pattern instructions followed by landing clearance OR cleared for the option. What I am asking is what happens when you request a touch and go and ATC give clearance to land?

Oh that’s just a mistake that sometimes happens when traffic is busy so I don’t see that you requested touch and go. It’s just an honest mistake and happens to even the best of us. Just remind the controller again and then he should give you what you need

When your cleared for the option it’s up to you weather you choose to do a stop and go or a touch and go or even land. It’s in the name. “Your cleared for the option”.

Maxwell, read the main topic again closely. I made the same mistake as you


Maybe just report a position with ‘T&G’ so the controller might notice the issue.


Oh was it happened in Advanced 😏 Just add to @MishaCamp

That case you could file a complaint if you wish. Anyway, I often play on Playground and if ATC doesn’t know how to handle Touch and Go request, then after I get landing clearance I always send I am on final R XX Touch and Go while I am on final. If ATC says “roger” I will perform touch and go. If it doesn’t, then it’s time for me to land and taxi all the way to the runway, parking, or divert to somewhere else.

Just to be clear - I don’t have any complaints with Advanced ATC. Especially when it is busy. I just wonder whether something could be done to help Tower clearly and quickly distinguish (once they’ve issued pattern instructions) which of those planes are inbound for landing and which are inbound for T&Gs. At the moment they have to either commit it to memory or read through the communication history with each pilot which is time consuming.

Basically just to go off what they said, if you call in a touch and go and the controller gives you clear to land. Call in a position when your on final and refer to touch and go again to see if they catch it. If they don’t, just go ahead and land and taxi back to the departure runway.

Most of the time we will catch it if it we mess it up the first time. Not many people ask for a touch and go.

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In the past I’d perform a T&G anyway, and as I’m taking back off I’d hear the usual ‘exit runway when able’ message. This is normally followed by a ‘sorry’ as the controller realises their mistake. I just wish I could respond and say ‘don’t worry, it happens all the time’

Benny refers to it is an ‘honest mistake’ and Tbynum mentions ‘if we mess up’ which again is putting the responsibility on Tower. I think the problem could be resolved in the actual game.

Once you have given pattern instructions, you can clearly see which aircraft is arriving at which runway correct? So how about some symbol like T&G so when you’re about to issue clearance for landing or cleared for the option, you’ll be instantly able to see what the pilot has asked for.

Something like this;


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Sometimes when I’m controlling and I have flights in the pattern and I let them know their is no pattern work accepted and they still want to do touch and goes I clear them to land.

What about flights arriving from outside your airspace for T&G and departing elsewhere?

That’s what the LOC means in the flight strips.

I thought that was ‘local traffic’ remaining in the pattern

This is a bit confusing TBH. Maybe one of you ATC gurus can answer these two questions?

  1. Is there ever a situation when you wouldn’t allow an aircraft to perform a T&G who are simply passing through your airport and departing elsewhere?

  2. When a pilot enters your airspace, requests a T&G and you’ve given them pattern instructions, does your flight strip say LOC or does it look the same as a pilot requesting a landing?

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