Touch and go wrong count

Today I did 8 touch and go to stay on average 90 days. Before I was with 281 after I did it was for 271 I found it strange and I did it again and lowered it even more, it was for 261. I rebooted the simulator and did 5 touch and go again and went to 270. wanted to know what is happening? Where have I landed more than I did today?

Your landings aren’t updated immediately. It usually takes a while for to board to update :)


It’s quite possible that 90 days ago you did several touch and goes and just passed the 90 day limit so they are no longer recorded. Might explain why you went from 281 to 271 landings after 8 touch and goes… 90 days ago you may have done 18 touch and goes and now they no longer count.


Also if your landing is too fast and you don’t stay long enough on three ground it may not count.


@Chris_S. MaxAsks. 1)What is the Stay interval for a count? 2) I Note a machine decrement on landing counts which reduces earned Landings daily, particularly if you lay off flying for a day or two. I’ve noted automatic decremement which drop the total successful count by 3/5 loses in a 3 day period?

No clue. From trial and error I found I need to slow to about 100 for it to count.

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Hi, may I ask what this means? Thanks! :) @Chris_S

would also suggest keeping an eye on your total landing score as well as your landings in last 90 days. The latter might not always increase ( as previously explained) however the former should always increase.

What I mean is you cant just touch your wheels on the ground and pull up and expect it to count. You need to touch, roll for a bit slowing slightly, and then speed up and take off again.

Bouncing on the runway also does not count. You cant pull up and touch down three times in a row in a cessna and expect to get multiple landings out of it.

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