Touch and Go to Full Stop Landing

If one intends to make a full stop landing after performing touch and gos in the pattern, is there any obligation for the pilot to communicate the full stop intent to the tower?

I understand that one of the “options” is a full stop landing, but it seems to me that it would help the tower/ground to prepare.

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When you are done you’re patterns you say you position then your intentions which for you is “Full Stop” No need to day every pattern just once

Yea, you don’t absolutely have to say it, but us in the tower like it when someone will report their intent to land so we can be ready for that.

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I’d you’re already cleared for the option, would that be redundant though? We’re obviously a bit limited in communicating this situation to the tower given the our response options. This happened for me today (@Declan) was controlling, and I feared the dreaded “you’re already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” command from ATC.

If you’re clear then don’t say anything. Untill you want to land

You wont get that as you’re telling ATC important information, that you’re on full stop. If you just report your position normally, that is indeed what you will get.

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Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!

You are not required to announce full stop, but you can to give tower a heads-up if there is another aircraft too close behind you. Don’t announce your position with out “full stop” though, otherwise you end up with the warning.

Not necessarily true. Usually, you wouldn’t need to, but that doesn’t mean you never do.

In short, you announce your position only if you are certain that something is wrong, or if ATC has forgotten about you. E.G. if they clear you to land but you called inbound for touch and go, or if you think they have forgotten to clear you.

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The option is exactly that, the option to touch and go or land.

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