Touch and Go’s - Don’t underestimate the value

I simply wanted to take a moment and express the absolute value of simply taking your favorite aircraft and spending an afternoon doing touch and go’s. I have been part of IF since 2014, and I can attest that taking the time to perform touch and goes, using the navigational systems and practicing “going around” will not only build your comfort should you actually need to “Go Around”, but will make you a better pilot in general. Acquainting and in many occasions, “Reacquainting” ourselves with the process of fluidly shifting the aircraft from landing to TO configuration; following the process to configure navigation to LNAV (GPS vice Nav 1 if ILS is used) etc… is simply a must if we wish to be better pilots. One more thing…Kudos to the IF staff and the community for continuing to build this simulator into what is has become and the promise the future holds. Keep up the great work!!


I wholeheartedly agree that it is refreshing to sometimes get out there and just do patterns in an aircraft you enjoy, and you can even help others while doing so.

Personally, I’ve gotten out in the Cessna Caravan recently, which I find to be a fun aircraft to fly, and just done bunches of patterns. While I enjoy doing these patterns, I think it’s also best to dedicate time where you could also be helping someone out.

So, maybe even get out and fly patterns for someone doing ATC on the training server who is aspiring to be IFATC, or maybe even go to a smaller airport on the expert server, I’m sure either of the controllers would appreciate the traffic.


Completely agree and point well taken (on working with ATC)…I will have to do more of that. One further item of note, pilots also need to practice with crosswind…truly helps with building comfort and confidence when a pilot is well versed and practiced on using that rudder 😊.

i like the 208 for ccts. nice n fast.

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Totally agree. I have done TAGs several times…they make up most of my landings… I have practiced with the jumbos to the Cessna…you gain a lot of experience manoeuvring/ handling a given aircraft in varying conditions. It is fun.

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I agree personally anytime someone opens up an tracking thread , even if I’m in an scheduled long flight that I chose that day. Sometimes I will put out of the flight even if i’m like 5 hours into it an go to someones tracking thread. Something about just doing patterns most time hand flying just feels refreshing then the normal lnav after takeoff. It also feels good to help someone thats new aswell with there patterns aswell even if your the only one there.

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I love knocking out patterns especially when there’s a new aircraft on the block (most recently the 757). In cruise, operation of most aircraft is very similar, using LNAV, autopilot, etc. but the true characteristics of an aircraft can be felt in just a few takeoffs and landings. Still working to master that 757 though!


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