Touch and Go routes

What are your favorite multi airport touch and go routes? Mines JFK-LGA-EWR-JFK


London, Heathrow - Birmingham - London City - Gatwick - Heathrow


Start at TNCM and end at TFFR with landing at every airport between them.
Dash 8


I like doing island hopping routes with the Dash 8. They’re so fun, and you get tons of XP as well.

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KSEA-KBFI-KRNT in Seattle, its a nice mix of short and long runways.

Tap all of the Hawaiian region airports that can handle an A320

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Every single Singapore region airport apart from the 2 real far out ones in the E and W in a C208.

Most piloting fun I’ve had in ages.

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once global flight comes out, in the dash 8 i will do YYJ-YCD-YQQ-YBL-YVR-YXX-YKA-YXS

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@Skylines @CaptainDawud @Breydon_Verryt_Reid and I took off from KASE yesterday and went to a tonne of small airports in 208’s. It was really fun!


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