Touch and Go - Race Challenge

Can you beat 59 minutes?

A circuit through SOCAL performing touch and goes. Departing from KONT and heading for touch and goes at KPSP - KSAN - KNUC - KLAX and then land AND park at KONT. It’s on ATC Playground Server so you will have to communicate with ATC at most/all airports and adhere to all the usual flight regulations. Please post results including flight time and screen shot of flight route (

Event details:

• ATC Playground Server ONLY

• Start Time - Whenever you’ve got a spare hour

• Region: Southern California

• Aircraft type: Any


• Must perform proper touch and goes (all wheels on the runway)

• No flight violations

• Screenshot of time once parked up at KONT

• Post results as pics attached

• Happy flying

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I’d probably crash landing at Ontario. My game would wait till the end to screw with me! :)


I’ll try Tomorrow morning

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This is a fun idea, I’m going to give it a try!

Just finished - on an Embraer 170 (not ideal for racing) in 1h19m

It was a lot of fun, with quite challenging crosswinds (20-25 knots) and a few last minute runway changes due to wind conditions…

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That’s an impressive time in an Embracer @lollip. It is challenging to complete the race with changing weather conditions, dealing with ATC and avoiding violations. Not to mention completing it in a timely fashion. Definitely not for the faint-hearted pilot.

Maybe we should have a record table by aircraft type?

Leader Records:

Fighter Jet

@Jay_Roman / F-14 / 59 m

Commercial Aircraft

@lollip / Embracer ERJ-170 / 1hr 19m

I wonder if anyone else is up for the challenge?

Yep, the most annoying thing was to have to land on 25L at KLAX at the last minute, directly opposite to the last leg of the circuit… You’ll see in the above screenshot I had to rework my flight plan north of Long Beach. Also turned base very short on KSAN to optimise for time, directly into the wind, which made the crosswind landing somewhat tricky!

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Good idea the challenge! For sure I will take up the challenge, all in good time.

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I’ll probably go on later today. Maybe in about eight hours.

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In a little while I’ll go on. I’ll be flying my famous 777-200ER Alitalia plane.

Going on now.

Good luck @C_Baccari. Remember to post pics : )

Hi @C_Baccari. Just curious to know whether you had a go at the challenge?

Yeah, but crosswinds caused me off the runway, and gave me a taxiing violation, so I quit.

Oh what a shame - it would have been interesting to see your progress. Was the warning in yellow or red? If yellow its a warning and you won’t get any violations. You only get violations when red (I think).