Touch and Go Landing Question

Ive seen a couple people hop in cessnas and spitfires and do touch and gos non stop for a prolonged amount of time. So my question is does each touch and go landing count as a landing or do you need to be in the air for a certain amount of time for it to count or above a certain altittude?

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It counts as a landing…

so people just keep doing that to satisfy the grade 5 landing requirement…

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Yes, yes they do…

What I heard is that a T&G is counted as both as a landing and also a takeoff, so people do that to earn more XP

Yea Happens all the time

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I did that a while ago to get to Grade 4 because you get a ton of XP. A 15 minute flight with a lot of T&Gs can get you upwards of 1500 XP.

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Each time that you land on each pass whether it is a full stop or a touch and go counts as a landing.

Do all wheels need to touch the runway?

Just the main gear.

Ok thank you Mark for clarifying it!

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