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Remaining in the pattern sounds easy till you’re in the air wanting to do some pattern work with traffic,radio chatter and test flights with everyone’s fav 717-200. Then you hear Land or divert no pattern work. Could we designate online tower for pattern work including arrivals and departures. It’s super helpful when you want a quickie while you are waiting for the wife to get ready.

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Often its best to stay away from the main airports if you want to do T&G’s.

I get it 110% but it lonely all by yourself. I ain’t rude either. I give incoming aircraft first inline. It’s the whole experience, brotha. Then it would just be Solo.

It disrupts the traffic flow and puts more stress on the controller. Usually the Approach controller would instruct you to final, but if there isn’t one, tower does all of the work and it makes it hard for him to manage all of the planes around solo. I understand you allow incoming traffic first, but in a busy airport, it’s constant traffic inbound. I would recommend staying on Casual if you wanted to do patterns at say LAX. You get a lot of people, and radio chatter :)

Unless if you get lucky and FNF can be all about GA like they had a few weeks ago. Then you are able to do patterns all you want. Also isn’t a 717 too fast for patterns? :P

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I understand it puts pressure on the tower and I definitely ain’t relying on Tower for turn by turn nav. LAX is definitely NOT a good spot to get inline, nobody barley listens to ATC anyways and if I do it’s off time when traffic is low. Just yesterday (717 SEA - LAX) I was cleared three times and two approach’s I had go around bc someone entered without permission. Living next AFB plant 42 I normally do my T&G there.
As for the 717 I come in at 200kts 5% flaps 15-20 mi out @ 10mi I slowly drop flaps and speed to 140-143 no air brake flare @ 100ft. Retract 5%flap power up 70%-80% and at 135-140kts you back up. I definitely have no issues with T&G.

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