Touch and go command

Hey IFATC, I had following situation on the TS: a pilot requested for touch and go. What is the right command to use? Clrd for the option? (Without any left or right traffic advise. Just >send?)

Unfortunately I did wrong as he didn’t want to stay in a pattern…

Thank you.

If they are entering the pattern as an inbound, clear for the option with a pattern direction (left/right). If they are already in the pattern (if you’ve given them a takeoff clearance with a pattern direction or cleared for the option with a pattern direction), just clear them for the option if they aren’t requesting a different runway. I know it sounds a tad confusing, but not to worry, I’ve linked both the section from the ATC Manual that covers this in detail, as well as a video tutorial in case that will help you more. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask, it’s all a learning process.


Thx. Yes I read the manual already. The situation was somehow different: the pilot followed a FPL. I expected him to land and a full stop. Then he asked for a touch and go. So he wasn’t in a pattern that already existed. He was in straight into base. So cleared him for the option. And not for land. After his touch and go he followed his flight plan again.

It’s the Training Server, the pilot in question probably wasn’t familiar with the command. This happens on the Expert Server too, and unfortunately, we just have to live with it. I think you were in the right, though, so keep up the good work.


Ok so this isn’t a normal procedure? Clearing him for the option was the right one, ok. One more question: do I have to give a direction for a pattern or should I leave the decision to the pilot?. it was a level 5 pilot though.

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Generally when a pilot enters the pattern for touch and goes they are instructed either left or right traffic.

Grade level means nothing. It shows dedication to the game, not your skill level.

Cleared for the option is basically everything you could do at the runway, including landing. If they didn’t say they were staying in the pattern for takeoff, you give them left or right traffic after the touch and go. If they touch and go again, just clear them for the option, since you already gave them which way to go after. Unless y’know, you tell them to switch pattern or they want to enter the pattern for a new runway.

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