Touch-and-Go and "No Pattern Work"

Hi all,

I was just reported for an uncleared takeoff. I was flying from San Francisco to O’Hare. Decided to do a touch-and-go at Denver. After 20-30 minutes in the pattern, I was finally brought in for the approach. I performed my touch-and-go, and upon climb out I was reported.

I was not doing any/nor had any intention of pattern work, as my flight plan showed. I had also touched down late on the runway, so if I had executed a missed-approach…would I have been reported too?

This has never been a problem for me before, even during FNF events.

Touch and goes without clearance are considered pattern work. If you needed a missed approach, you should have said ‘executing missed approach’ or ‘going around’.

I dunno. But when I hear no pattern work to me that usually means nothing associated with pattern work (touch and goes, options, etc) and I just fly in, land, taxi, park and then take off again.

Hi. I assume you announced inbound for landing to tower. This must have caused the confusion with ATC . If you had planned to do a touch and go you should have stated the same during your final tower call before landing. However, check your logbook to see who reported you and send them a private message. Good luck on your appeal!

But again, if no pattern work allowed is in the ATIS, I highly doubt the controller will allow a single touch and go, even if you planned to depart the airspace immediately after.

I actually did call inbound for touch-and-go.

I searched around and everything I found stated that this is only an issue if you intend on landing at the same airport, just as I’d assumed. Never had any problems in the past either. Messaged the tower, hopefully we can figure this out.

I believe it was @MrMrMan. He is currently controlling at KDEN. Message him and he will get back to you as soon as he is free.


I’m the controller at KDEN, I’ll get to you when I’m done at :30.

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