total Novice, no clue! help...


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@Laurens Ok 737 I figure since it was small. Lemme try that baby out. Thank you maybe that was my trip up. Do u recommended low sensitivity or which is best normal?


thank you @leodhaash, I also learned by watching a video, it was in Russian but I understood what he was doing that’s how I figured out the map. And no harm done with people’s conflict, I’m on FB, there a lot of that going on 😉😀😀


If you use a large device, like an iPad, I suggest you the “normal” setting (works perfectly for me).
If you use a smartphone or a small tablet the “low” setting might be the best choise.


Guys, please keep this topic civil or I will close it. Cheers


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Welcome @meltos2015, I would recommend you to check the tutorial part of this forum it has great explanations and tutorials which can help you out flying in IF, actually I am pretty sure they will help you and will take a lot of your questions away.


I have never seen (3000)(2) meaning 3000 X 2. Please bare in mind there are people from all over the world on this forum, there is no the Uk is right, the USA is right or wherever you are from. We all have to adjust to eachother and be open for new things.

Btw welcome on the forum :)


Welcome to IF. Personally I like the Citation as a learning vehicle. It is small but can go pretty fast and has Autopilot. I have a web page with some aircraft stats which will help. I am a novice at the game but I usually land big planes at 170 knots with flaps at 75% of max and smaller planes at 140 knots flaps at 75%.

Hope this helps


It’s funny, I use “.” And (100)(2) to multiply. Just shows how incredibly diverse the world is.


I didn’t see what you said, so I wouldn’t know, getting a post flagged does not have to include offensive language (swear words, etc) but could be offensive to the user, flagged for spam, off topic, etc.


IMO having disagreement shouldn’t get flagged. If ppl have different opinion come and have debate. If you want to be boss, fair enough get your own forum. (We got lots of snowflakes here (having bit of banter is to spice-up things little. If you are too sensitive, keep away)


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Yes. Too many special snowflakes.


Perhaps instead of completely overwhelming the fella with irrelevant mathematical notation, direct him to the right places.

I strongly recommend taking a look at the ‘Tutorial’ section on the forums, have a quick look up and down, focus mainly on Landings, Takeoffs, what speeds to use on landings etc etc. then once you are familiar with the bases, you can move onto more advanced features.

If you have any specific questions I’m free to help! Or ask some of the senior pilots on the forums! People usually love to help, makes it more rewarding.

All the best 👍🏻


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That’s what I exactly said and I got flagged. Maybe I need to change tone of my words, tune it down 20yrs maybe.


Hope this helps :)


Friendly debate is welcome. It’s the addition of personal attacks, insults, or other inflammatory dialog that isn’t. It really shouldn’t be difficult to understand.


Just saw this, thank-you 😎