total Novice, no clue! help...


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Yes. Too many special snowflakes.


Perhaps instead of completely overwhelming the fella with irrelevant mathematical notation, direct him to the right places.

I strongly recommend taking a look at the ‘Tutorial’ section on the forums, have a quick look up and down, focus mainly on Landings, Takeoffs, what speeds to use on landings etc etc. then once you are familiar with the bases, you can move onto more advanced features.

If you have any specific questions I’m free to help! Or ask some of the senior pilots on the forums! People usually love to help, makes it more rewarding.

All the best 👍🏻

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That’s what I exactly said and I got flagged. Maybe I need to change tone of my words, tune it down 20yrs maybe.

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Hope this helps :)

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Friendly debate is welcome. It’s the addition of personal attacks, insults, or other inflammatory dialog that isn’t. It really shouldn’t be difficult to understand.

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Just saw this, thank-you 😎


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Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback,


Ok got it!! Thank you!


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Yes the fella was a bit overwhelmed but the feedback is appreciated. I’m taking bits from each and yey I landed my plane. It wasn’t exactly on the runway but I didn’t crash lol…


Just make sure that you are around 3k Feet Above ground level (AGL) when intercepting the ils (which is marked as red on the airport map). You only need to follow ILS in order to do a perfect approach. There are a lot of tutorials which you can check out :)! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions

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Thanks Drago, i have to keep that in mind. Sometimes the map is so small and I use an iPad so I forget to see how high I am and what I did was only reached 10,500 when I flew from one spot to another, since it’s solo the distances aren’t far enough for me to go up to 30k+ . I did it manually once I got down to 3,000 Because with the a/p I’m doing something wrong and I seem to get an easier if I’m controlling it if that makes sense. lemme try later and I’ll let you know how I did. Lord help me, 😆😆


takeoff with flaps on 5-15 depending on your weight. Use ca 85 procent of thrust (irl you never put 100 as I have heard) and retract your flaps to 0 at around 2-3k agl (use your common sense)
. Keep your speed at 256 kts when departing under 10k feet.

start using ap when you are around 3-5k ft AGL. follow your fpl(flight plan) from there. If you hold your finger over the icons, you will see that you can shift from different viewes and settings. Play with it :)

Furthermore, when landing, never use autopilot.
Its harder, but you learn so much more :)

Make sure to use free flight server and train on it. Why not get up the XP for the time when you feel ready to enter the advanced :)


Thanks! Yeh I don’t know when I’ll be ready for live… Awesome tips. No autopilot on landing , I found manual is definitely easier. Super helpful!!!


I think you’re being a little bit disingenuous here. You were pretty full on with Laurens, unnecessarily so in my view. By all means exercise your right to free speech, and the rest of us will use our right to call you out on it.

I’ll happily give as good as I get and I’ll rip the piss as much as the next person, but unjustified attacks are a no-no in my view.


Let’s keep the discussion civil and on-topic please. We don’t want to have to delete posts, regardless if they’ve been flagged or not.


Well done for joining this Community and asking the questions!
Clever choice :-)

Happy reading: