total Novice, no clue! help...

Hello all!

I iust bought this game on my iPad and phone. I’m trying to learn how to play this is exciting, i feel like I have no idea what the heck I’m doing when landing and slowly understanding the gauges and stuff but. I can’t understand how to tell if I’m half way to my destination. I learned to map it so I can follow the markings with using the A/P, I set up my speed, alt, flaps and trim according to some of the tutorial but I feel like a dummy reading some of this intense stuff… Like when do I start to descend I’m not sure what to look for and I’m not successful on finding where to look… if there is a topic that I can go to please, let me know… I’m ok with taking off… I’m doing the solo flights because I’m no way ready to even attempt to go live, my pasajeros would have a heart attack… any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you all!!


Can you tell me what your asking? I didn’t understand what you wrote

same do you need help i think tehy are making a thing called flight cast i think it help ppeople who want to learn i may be wrong but i think im rite Happy Landings!!! :)

Once I learnt how to use the map to make a flight plan it really helped to make it more enjoyable!

If you check out the tutorial section I am sure there are some good explanations, however to help start you off a few pointers below;

Before taking off open the map up, you can see where your plane is and you can make a Flight Plan to the airport you want by clicking on the way points ( small triangles) to link together the route. This will give you the distance to fly as well as the courses to steer. As a hint the runways on the map show either red funnel or white funnel pointing towards the runways so you know which way to line up on approach.

Best way to learn is to have. A play with the different settings and see what happens!!

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There is no feature for that IIRC, you have to checj thedistance in Nautical Miles (nm.) that you are from the next waypoint (Where the purple line ends). You can go to the FPL tab in the map and see the distances to each waypoint.

There’s a formula for that. @Laurens can help you with this.

One thing is don’t climb too high. If you’re only flying 50-70 nm. then it’s wise to not climb to 30k.

Lol there’s the Free Flight Server for the beginners. That said, it is better and more economical to practice in solo before moving to live.

Love the spirit! Wish others had the same…


It’s much easier than you may think ;)
The formula:
(Actual Altitude MSL - Airport Elevation) • 3 / 1.000 = Distance from Destination at which you should start your descent.
The VS you have to select is:
(Ground Speed / 2) • (-10)
Since the GS changes according to altitude and airspeed, you have to correct the VS every few minutes.

You are cruising at 12.000 ft at 280 kts Ground Speed. Your destination airport’s elevation is approximately 2.000 ft.
Distance: (12.000 ft - 2000 ft) • 3 / 1.000 = 30 nm.
VS: (280 kts / 2) • (-10) = -1.400 ft/min
Select “Dist to Dest” in your instrument dock and once 30.0 nm appears start descending at 1.400 ft/min.


@GatwickGuy at least she tried don’t put people down like that. you did nothing to help. @Laurens thank you so much for trying. You are a big help to the comutinty happy landings !!!


Yes, the dot means multiply.


It’s the same thing.

thank you!!! @laurens, I’m sorry it was all jumbled up because I had all these questions and was alittle panicked it wasn’t going good, I started off good did the flight, followed the markings I planned out on the map, and then trying to descend everything just went wacky, yoke stalled constantly. Duh! ok, that does help alittle. I have to really pay attention to my speed. Yeh I was hearing people praying I
And everything. I’m flying the bombardier crj-200. It seems to be the easiest one to learn on. I think I was reading into it too much too probl making it more complicated. When I was reading some of these feeds, I feel like an idiot. Lol… But it’s suppose to be fun so I was starting to play more.

For sure, I found that easy when I was using the a/p.

Totally helpful, I knew what the dots were we used that in sequential math, NY. LOL.

Thank you! I’m using the solo flight one for now… There needs to be a class lol. Can I get college credits 😆😆

You can multiply using a dot. That’s what we use in the USA

For me it’s one of the trickiest to fly :D
I suggest you the 737.

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Not me, @Laurens has made an effort to help and you’ve acted like a childish bully. Well done. Not a great impression to give to a new member to the forum is it?


There are some very good tutorials on here that are worth taking your time to go through. It’s been of a huge benefit to me and made the Sim all the more enjoyable for it.

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I think all the commonwealth countries use x and star. (One of those things call football but never kick with foot or call hamburger with no ham :D )

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Lol, what divide symbol doing up here?