Total NM Flown Stat


This request is quite simple: It would be cool if we had a stat on our stats page to see how many total nautical miles we’ve flown over our time in IF.

I don’t really know what else to say 😂

Yes this would be so awesome I’ve probably flown over 100,000 nautical miles in my multiplayer IF pro career

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Simple but I like it, not sure if nautical miles get tracked/logged anyway so I’m curious to see how this will be executed with those who have flown a lot before.

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This might be a feature that they can develop similar to how they built the year in review stats program.

Paging Dr. @KaiM


Hey, if you flew 200kt gs on average, you 'd have reached well over 10 times that already!

Cool idea, thanks! No vote right now, but best of luck.

I would LOVE this if we can see how many we have already flown


This would definitely be a cool feature if added - it’s always amazing to see how much you’ve actually flown and possibly how many times you could circumnavigate the globe with that distance.


I still think this would be a cool piece of information to know