Total landings stuck at 99 whatever I do

I was grinding landings at Southampton airport in an Xclub this morning. I did about 50 until I saw that the total landings thing was at 99. I did one more, and it was still stuck at 99. I repeated this a further 2 times, still 99. I’ve tried restarting infinite flight but this hasn’t changed anything. My total landings should be at least 102 now and I’m not sure what I’m meant to do to fix this.

Hi. Did u make sure you landed on the runway?

Did you leave at least 30 seconds between each landing?

If not, they wont count.

Also make sure you are on a live server.

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Try restarting IF or give it some time .this happend many times to me it will come also there is a feature that you need to leave atleast 30 seconds between each landing like @tunamkol said.

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The landings were certainly counting. I did an actual flight from London City to Brussels and I’m now on 100.


I’ve tried restarting it several times but it’s still not counting some of my landings

How long has it been since that flight happend

Probably about 3 hours since the grinding session at Southampton but I finished my flight to Brussels about 40 minutes ago

Yea I took me a day for all my landing to be updated also were you checking your grade table will landing?

I just find it odd that the landing I did about 40 minutes ago was counted before the ones that I did about 3 hours ago

Just give it time to update your grade table it will come.

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Alright, thanks


Has it worked yet?

If it still doesn’t work, try reinstalling infinite flight.

You should only reinstall infinite flight for your last option it will make you lose all your replays.

I did another 65ish landings and they’ve counted so I’m assuming it’s working now

Just to let you know, 90 days from now, you’ll need to do another 65 to maintain your grade :)

@ChillFaceYoda is your issue resolved?

yes it is now

it only took me about an hour to grind out about 60 on casual so it’s not too bad haha