Total landings going down?

Hi, just noticed that the stats of total landings is not correct. At the 6th of november I took my last screen shot, it was at 3.015. Now it’s at 3.013, while I have flown a lot, it should be either around 3.065 or so. Is this a know error?


In 20.3, Infinite Flight contains changes for how it processes user stats on the servers. As part of this, developers have noticed an old bug (previously undetected) where solo stats were tracked as part of the Total Flight Time and Total Violations figure in the Grade Table for some flights carried out between 2013 and 2017.

To simplify how data is stored and processed, and in the interest of being fair to every Infinite Flight player, Infinite Flight has made the difficult decision to exclude any past Solo stats from user Grade Tables. This won’t affect every user but it may cause a small handful of users to move down a grade.


thanks, solved then!

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