Total Infinite flight hours


Is there a way where I can see how many flights and hours have been logged on Infinite Flight?

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Go to in the top right corner and then click on your IFC Name>View Stats and then you found them

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Hi ghost,

Are you asking how to see your IF stats, or the stats of everyone as a whole?

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Everybody’s in total, like all flights logged on the simulator

Ah, unfortunately, I’m not sure if we can see that data ourselves. Maybe moderators might have those statistics but I’m not sure if those are for the public eye

However, Infinite Flight FPL Converter, made by @Chris_S, will show you stats as of current. For example, server info, stats per aircraft, etc

LiveFlight, made by Cameron, will also show stats as of currently



Although we don’t have an actively updated statistics count to the public, Infinite Flight shared the Quarter / Year statistics!

An astonishing 9.3 million hour is the total we gained for 2020 ;)

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Wow, that’s what I am talking about.

9.3 million hours👌 thats mad

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