Total Flights (20.2 BETA)

How and where do I go to find my total flights? I am currently part of the 20.2 beta test and the page IF used to have where it tells your total flight time, landings and flights no longer exists.

1- Your logbook

2- You can go to settings > account > view stats

It isn’t in either

Upper Right corner („Your Name“) and then „View Stats“ on Account statistics should take you there :)

Again, not there

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I had a look there and couldn’t find it. I’ll look again.

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I figured out how, you go to any replay, and tap on your aircraft in the map UI, and it will show

The old page isn’t existing anymore as far as I am aware, that’s true. But all the information is basically in the Grade table which can be found as described:

Or are you referring to something else?

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I believe you are referring to this screen, which no longer exists in 20.2 I’m afraid.

However you can still access your grade table using the steps Julian linked.


Please use the steps above, an post further questions in this thread if you have them: