Total Flight Time Record Loss

I have been using this simulator for a while now, racking in totality over the 250 required hours to become a Grade 5, but ever since I had assistance switching my account to a different Facebook account, I have lost a previous 161 Hours of flight time, that are contributing to my inability to become a Grade 5 pilot. Another is flight time in the past ninety days, which is can easily surpass (Only 2 hours away) As for the total flight time, I am actually in need of another 155 hours to achieve 250 total hours of flight. Is there any way to update the total flight time so it is also up to the proper amount? (Same issue experienced with ATC Ops)
iPad 4/iPhone 6s
iOS 9.3.2 (Both)
Version 16.02.0.
Experienced since version 15.04.0 or 15.04.1


Switching credentials and transferring live stats data is something we generally discourage for this very scenario. Unfortunately there is a risk of losing some data during the transfer, despite best efforts. There’s no guarantee all data will successfully transfer.
That said, only Matt or Philippe can do this, so if there is any chance to recover anything, they’d have to address it. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s unlikely that if it didn’t make the initial transfer, it might not be recoverable.


Thank you for your help. Sadly, the situation I was placed me made switching inevitable. Thank you for your help

Well, don’t give up hope yet. Matt or Philippe have the final word on this. It might be possible? I do not know for certain.

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