Total chaos at Heathrow airport

Unacceptable ATC Crew as I’m speaking , aircraft running into aircraft , no order on take off clearance . Seems like a bunch of inpatient kids trying who is going to fly first running on to other aircrafts , ATC tower gives take off orders to airplanes behind me. Totally vomiting situation 😷🤢


Is this on the Training Server or the Expert Server.?

Training server

It’s a known situation, which sometimes happens, sometimes not. For a better experience, I suggest to rank up and join us on the Expert Server. A new world will open for you! Excellent ATC experience and proper use of UNICOM. Try it out 😊


Training Server simply means training. More newer and less mature / (smart) people are more open and available to enter a server with less requirements. The ATC cannot Report anyone on the Training Server hence is the reason why this is happening.

Have in mind that there are system violations working on the Training Server as well as the Expert Server.

Edit: Also EGLL (London Heathrow) is one of the most commonly used airport with the largest amount of users at the airspace. Same thing applies to KLAX (Los Angles).

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Don’t worry as we speak I’m trying to take over to stop the mayhem

London Heathrow is undoubtedly chaos, 20 to 40 minutes to take off One aircraft does not respect another etc.

This is the training server life, you see mature or immature people on the training server (mostly immature but you do find pilots sometimes willingly following your instructions for Air Traffic Control). The tactic is to mimic the mature and embrace the immature, but if you want a better experience with better order then I recommend you go on the expert server as it’s a whole new world to discover.

You do receive pilots that follow your instructions but most of the time you receive pilots that are immature. However, these experiences are only found at larger airports, if you go to lesser known airports you usually receive a lavish experience. Perfectly by yourself, get to do the professional thing that you always love doing and when you control there you don’t receive a lot of pilots but they do listen to you a lot more than other pilots when it comes to lesser known airports.

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I don’t know what you expected just play expert

EGLL is just way to busy, no effeciency co working with tower and approach (and also not possible in IF…) etc

We have a well known stereotype text for this situation: “ahh unfortunately there is nothing to do, its training server, our hands are tied”…

I wish it could be possible to do something about this problem. Especially EGLL and KLAX. What about blocking these areas with some restrictions?
It must be something that can solve this.

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