Total Beginner Looking for Answers

Sorry for the ignorance, but I really can’t find any answers here. In fact, when I start the in game tutorial, it stops after the pilot says he’s going to climb…he never climbs and then we crash.

What’s the point of this game? Is it more for real life pilots who enjoy watching the simulations and paying for aircrafts?

It’s like I wanna get into this game but I don’t know how. If someone could point me in some kind of direction to help me get a grip on this app, I’d appreciate it.


Well, are you here just to play the Simulator or do you like realism? Read useful tutorials that FDS made here: #tutorials

To get more detailed, this is the pilot guide to get you start flying:


We have a tutorials carergory here on the forum, that’s the best place to look.

These are very informative for new IF users.


Hey there! Welcome to the community and to Infinite Flight!

I understand your struggle 100% as most, if not all, of us were in your same position when we started with Infinite Flight.

The best assistance I can offer you is by checking the many tutorials made by the wonderful community members as well as community staff!

The #tutorials, #tutorials:atc, and #tutorials:flight categories are the best place for you to check and you can also check the official YouTube channel for more help!

If you need any other assistance with getting the grips of Infinite Flight, you’re more than welcome to privately contact another regular user, myself, or even a moderator!

Best of luck to you! :)


It’s more of a simulator rather than a fun, mess around, time burning game. It’s not all about buying aircraft although that does help in the games development, a lot. We can also fly with each other at a price of £5 a month or £50 for a year including every aircraft and region. You can fly approaches or just take off and fly to a set destination and there are many ranks you can achieve by gaining landings, flight time, and XP. We are closing in on our biggest update yet which allows you to fly all around the world with every airport included. It does take a long time to learn how to fly aircraft, well anyway. But it’s worth the training. If you check out the infinite flight YouTube page, community moderator, Mark Denton has some helpful tips on how to complete a perfect flight. Welcome to the community, hope this helps…


@bluewaterpig@MaxSez: Welcome aboard pig. See the Topic “Infinate Flight Mentor Program”, Now accepting Studants. If your new to Aviation or willing to learn
the mentor program is the route I’d suggest to get the best out of this simulator. IF is not a game, it was developed as a learning tool. This Forum
Provides member feedback, guidance and professional insight for the Fledgling, The Platform ("Game/Sim) provides the latest in Sim practical application to the world of flight. Good luck. Hope to see you at 12 O’clock High. Regards


Just going to throw in a link for the topic @Maxmustang just linked


Yes. If you are looking to become an advanced pilot you should check out the Mentorship Program. If you are wondering what you want this simulator to be for you, here are some ideas:
1 - Mess around and fly a plane! (Should be done in Solo or casual)
2 - Realistic Flying - (Reccomended - expert server/solo)
3 - Messing with others (Casual Server)

Feel free to do anything you want as long as you aren’t a troll.


You can also look at this:

That is if you want to be involved and grow in the ccommunity. Be knowledgeable, respectful, and cooperative and you will have the blast of your life!

Piloting: Don’t go over 250 knots below 10,000 feet. Follow what the ATC tells you and you should be fine. Any further questions? Feel free to PM me :)

Happy landings,

Infinite Flight is a mobile flight simulator that has super realilistc physics, planes, regions, and controls. You can use it if you are passionate about aviation, a real world or private pilot, or just someone who enjoys simulators.

You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, although if you want to expand your fleet, or use multiplayer mode which includes real time weather, live atc, and all planes and regions (depending on what subscription you purchase), you will have to pay.

Tons and tons of tutorials here:

Good luck, and welcome to the form and simulator;-)


Hey welcome ^_^

Ive been on nearing 2 years and still going with this sim, some have been here way longer so you know it can be pretty worth it.

Some of us started out with no knowledge and now control in expert server, some of us came in as real life pilots or controllers and have shared valuable information on tutorials as mentioned by everyone.

If you really want to learn something, as any humble person, you can go a long way here. Once you get used to the offline solo mode, i would suggest not buying any planes during these process, the free planes are very helpful for a ‘trial’ of the many other planes.

Instead invest about $6 for 1 month of live, use that time to experience casual and possibly training server. You may find southern california to be irritable at the beginning if you are really serious or more of a perfectionist so i suggest other free regions.

If you enjoyed the 1 month, you can consider saving for a $60 1 year subscription with all planes and regions loan to you during this 1 year. Try to hit expert server and experience the ATC services and pilots who know what they are doing, of course, only do this when you are ready or risk getting kicked and reduced grade.

I know this is more than you asked but it will be worth knowing alittle more xD considering you did mention IAPs too.


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