TOS kind of out of date

I was just reading the IF terms of service for fun, and the very last line says it was last updated in May 2013. I know people will think a topic is not necessary, but just to let you know 😁


Well I mean there really isn’t anything to change, so why bother and change it? It covers practically all of the basics.


There are a number of TOS

The TOS from the app shows it was updated in June of 2018. Privacy policy was in May of 2018.

The forum TOS says 2013. Typically website TOS (which is separate from the Privacy Policy) doesn’t really change over time unless there are major functional changes.


The TOS are available on Infinite Flight’s official website.

The document was last modified on June 8th, 2018.


I don’t think that’s it’s really necessary to keep changing the Terms Of Service ,It’s made once by a professional so you don’t need to keep editing the Terms Of Service. Not only about Terms Of Service it’s also about the rules and guides .If they keep changing it then people would start avoiding IFC or any other website as it’s unacceptable by some people.


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