Toronto to Kelowna

I decided once again to continue my journey of flying to an airport I’ve never been to in IF. Since the featured airline of the day was Air Canada Rouge, I decided why not just hop in an A319 and fly to Kelowna, since I’d planned to fly there before anyways. Kelowna is between Vancouver and Calgary for those who don’t know.

  • Expert Server

  • Flight time about 4 hours 30 minutes


I had just arrived from Quebec City and Toronto is very busy at this time

Spotted Misha Camp in a WestJet 737-800

Rotate, runway 5

Very beautiful flight

And butter as always, I’d recommend Kelowna for anyone who hasn’t flown there yet


Great pics bud!

I don’t know what you mean by typing this?

That was apart of the template so I didn’t type it, but I’ve removed it now

Glad you liked the photos 🙂

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Damn those mountains are gorgeous!

Great photos keep it up!

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