Toronto to Dublin

Hello IFC

Welcome to my recent flight from Toronto to Dublin on the A321-200 why, Well in real life aer lingus uses there a321neos or LRs (i don't know if they're the same plane or not) so I used the A321-200 was deciding on the 757 but I decided to keep it airbus (for realism sake)

Welcome to Toronto on this nice sunrise

Lined up Runway 24R

Toronto I’ll see you next time

Goodbye North America

The Atlantic ocean

Well Ireland

Approaching Dublin

This landing looks familiar
Alright look it was very windy i tried using my rudder it looked very sketchy


We made it in one piece Welcome to Dublin.

Thanks for reading have a good day/night

  • Flight:
    (Toronto to Dublin)
  • Flight time: 6 hours and 1 minute
  • plane A321-200
  • Cruising Altitude and speed
    FL320 and M0.82
  • Airline: Aer lingus