Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 Broken?

Hey guys, so I just landed into Pearson Internation 30 mintues ago, and I want to continue my route to JFK. I want to use an American E175 for the route but the problem is when I try to spawn into Terminal 3 (specially the B and C) gates. The jetways dont work, I tried upgrading into an a319 but still wont work, it just uses stairs and it’s annoying.

Anybody knows whats going on or any help please? Thank you so much! :)

Hey there!

In order to be able to assist you better, could you please let us know which gate in particular this issue is occurring at? Note that not all of the gates mentioned are supposed to have jet bridges assigned to them.

If I’m being honest brother, it’s probably every gate from Terminal 3, I just tried using a WestJet 737-800 for the C gates and it still isnt working. I can send pictures if you want me to.

That would be very helpful indeed!

I support, 789 had the same problem

Thanks for noticing.

The editor is informed to check the Jetbridges, a solution will be most likely in next release of the airport which is not necessarily the next release of IF.