Toronto Pearson Community Meetup

This is the only tour we were able to secure. We tried for an airside tour and a Porter hangar tour but they didn’t pan out.

I understand the difficulty planning. No need to use eventbrite if you’re not paying for a tour. We’re testing this system to replace Google forms in the future.


So I have booked both the event and I have also booked the ACC Tour at 4:30 that day, really looking forward to this event and tour

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To everyone that can go - have fun!

I should be at the LHR meetup in July!

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Nice! I will be there

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Is there anyway to get extra tickets for the acc tour?

Probably not, it should out on the first day.

Getting anywhere from Australia is expensive and timely, there’s a reason Australia was a prison colony for the British Empire

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Unfortunately not. We had a hard limit from ACC for the tour and there isn’t anything we can do about that. Sorry!

Sir if somone dosent show can i pay there and go in?

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We don’t have an official waiting list and I don’t want to make any promises. There are people who have already asked this ahead of you. If this scenario plays out we’ll figure it out on the day.

Hey Jason, will I be able to drive my own car over from Fresh Burger to ACC and park or do I have to Uber with a group as you mentioned earlier?

The Uber idea is not official. We will try to do that as a group but officially transportation is up to you. Driving your own car is ideal.

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Hi Jason!

So no more chance for us to have an airside tour and a Porter hangar tour??

We tried our best on that one but logistically that one didn’t pan out. If we were in Ottawa we probably could have!

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Im going to YYZ on June 17 (tomorrow) to pick someone up i wish i could have came to the meet up but i have exams on the day of the event :(

@jasonrosewell , question is anyone else signed up for the acc tour besides me, and are you and any of the other IF staff joining

Of course we’ll join you and yes, the 10 tour spots are all spoken for.

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Nice, good to hear. Looking forward to a great day even if the weather predictions are correct. Supposed to be hot and humid that day. Might even be hotter in Vegas when you guys go there after Toronto LOL 😆

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It’s almost time…

The forecast for tomorrow is looking great. However, Environment Canada have issued a weather warning for extreme heat. Please take this into account before heading out to YYZ. Ensure that you bring plenty of sunscreen and water with you. Staying hydrated is very important!

If you have not yet signed up to the meetup and would like to do so, you can grab some free tickets here:

See you soon! 🙌🏼


Hope you guys have fun tomorrow! Wish I could be there but I have something a little more important aka my B-Day

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