Toronto Nights / I sold out to Sony / I hate clouds / Skill issue

Hello Community!

Every time I go to Toronto, it’s cloudy. The solution? Buy a full frame camera so I can shoot at night.

Gear: Sony α7iii + 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS

C-FVLU arriving from PUJ/MDPC as AC935

C-FIUV arriving from YYC/CYYC as AC136

C-FKSV arriving from FRA/EDDF as AC843


As you can expect, these shots are an absolute NIGHTMARE to edit, which is why there are only three shots in the topic. If I try to edit any more I’m going to go insane. Each one of these took about an hour and multiple iterations. Even uploading the photos to this topic, I realized there were tweaks I wanted to make and subsequently did. Here is the raw shot of the first photo for reference:

The camera’s good, though. IBIS (even though it’s the “primitive” version by 2023 standards is a game changer), and the dynamic range and low light performance leave nothing to be desired for the price point.

Check out my Instagram for more shots:


Incredible work, Andrew.


Skill issue taking photos in fair weather

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Ok Andrew…

Jokes aside, you’ve got some great shots. The night one is my fav ;)

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Thank you!

Fair weather? What’s that.

I DO HATE CLOUDS and thank you :)


Despite the nightmare of editing, it definitely paid off. These are absolutely incredible! Great job as always.

skill issue

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Literally not even as good as mine bruh, clear skill

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0/10 no andrew angle

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Saving this for the 2023 IFC Awards! Awesome job, Andrew!

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i already said it u can’t say it


is this a thing now

It’s definitely not that good but thank you lol


Hehe I didn’t get a “you can’t say it”, therefore It’s a skill issue on Arya’s part

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Thank You So much for doing more plane spotting at my home airport!!! Where are you living rn btw?

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I just heavily dislike Arya specifically.

No problem lol, I’m back in New York.



My reaction to that information:

Arrival Cat GIF - Arrival Cat - Discover & Share GIFs

no cutoff wings im crying

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Goofy ahh photos

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Amazing photos as always! @AndrewWu :)

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Cope harder bro

goofy ahh airport too