Toronto Meetup? I'm curious.

I’ve not had the same experience getting reactions from family members visiting their.

I’ll try to show up. Hope it lines up with my vacation schedule.

I feel like we are just going to end up going around Atlanta 😂

This could work, I could fly MHT-IAD-YYZ (Fly United from Manchester, NH to Dulles, then with Air Canada to Toronto)

I kinda already have plans in August, maybe I might squeeze Toronto in there somewhere…

If I do this I am definitely taking my bae plane the WestJet 787

It’s doable. Six-hour drive from the house, and after crunching the numbers, $100 or so for gas round-trip. Beats the $300ish range I’m getting from all airports remotely close by, so I guess swallowing the pill and toughing it out wouldn’t be too bad. Making it a mini weekend trip is necessary, though.


And I thought “borrowing” the Tecnam from Purdue Aviation and flying was a waste of time and money. I guess you have me beat.

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If you’re offering…


Jason, if you make it before August 26th, and if the soccer season at school doesn’t start before the meetup, I’d happily come!

Again, like the EGLL meet up, I will not come

I have better things to spend my money on…maybe if it is at SJC (or PDX/SEA)

Somebody put his grumpy pants on this morning 🤗


Haha! Definitively…

Totally grumpy after saying I have better things to spend my money on…XD

Have fun anyways (if you do decide to meet up)

This would be cool. I’ll be in Niagara Falls in August and Toronto is only 2 hour drive from there. Hopefully it will be the same time u guys would met up when I’m in Niagara, I’m down with that👌🏽💪🏼📸

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How about a YVR meet up?

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Yeah. A West Coast Meetup would be good.

If the raptors win the nba finals and if kawhi stays I will get us VIP access for whatever our needs will be lol

What about a New York City meet up Jason? 👀

So??? its going to happen or what?

Over 2,000 dollar ticket across Canada is what is holding me back from swaying yes