Toronto Meetup? I'm curious.

I’m in! It’s an hour long flight from my home airport, so it would not be hard.

Lol. As long as you don’t mind dogs. I may be able to make it as well. It’s not terribly far to drive.

Another meetup I can’t attend… 😕

I hope y’all who go have a great time!

I would probably go i only live a couple hours away have to

It’s $400 to go. Hopefully the cost goes down

Asked my mom to see if she’d drive me lol, if it’s on a weekend and it actually happens i am going

What part of the month would this event be in most likely?

I would, but if I go without my girlfriend I might get 🚮🚮.Hopefully I can spare some money for my ticket and hers so we can go.Not to far from Toronto


Maybe. Would be kinda expensive though.

I would definitely be there!

You’re considering $400 cheap round trip on the exact same day? Air Canada isn’t helping either of our trips happen

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I could definitely drive! Not too far!

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The most causal greeting i’ve ever seen a staff member say.

Its a good idea honestly.


BWI isn’t the cheapest option. Getting to DCA, IAD even PHL aren’t impossible from here.

Right… There is an airport called Regan National. And Dulles is out of the picture, unless Porter starts doing later flights back home.

All depends on circumstances. $250 is easier for me to fit into the budget than for a teenager. And the ability for me to travel and not rely on anyone else to get to and from home makes it easier for me than for a teenager.

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Maybe. Depends on how much flights would cost. If there was one in Aus though…

You’d undoubtedly see me there

All in all though, I’d love to see more RW meetups as a whole, regardless of location.

If the meetup takes place on the weekend, I would love to come.

I could eaven fly on the best plane known to man!

I cannot believe it! I wouldn’t be able to make it to the Heathrow one because I live in Toronto! I also regularly do plane spotting at YYZ! If it is in the Summer I’ll definitely find a way to make it. I’m also in the middle of moving to Ottawa, but I’ll make sure to get there!