Toronto Meetup? I'm curious.


Hey gang,

It was suggested to me recently that a Toronto meetup, similar to this one would gain some steam. There’s a good chance that @Cameron and myself will be in the six this summer (looking at August) and it might be a good chance to meet up and do some spotting at YYZ, with a possible trip down to YTZ.

So I’m curious… who would consider joining us if we planned an official Infinite Flight Toronto meetup?


Depends if it falls when I’d be in Europe or not. Would love to attend if it doesn’t! 😊


I would definitely join. Only live a couple minutes away from YYZ and YTZ

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@CR3W pleased yet?

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This sounds great! Toronto is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in North America.


I live way to far from Toronto to make it, sorry!

If it was in JFK or LGA, maybe… 😉

Edit: rip the flight to YYZ is literally 400 dollars a ticket


Totally agree. A JFK or LGA meetup would be awesome. But before I stray away, I’m sure many Canadians would be pleased with this meetup!


Yeah Ofcorse, no matter where the meetup is, some people can attend!


I mean BOS-YYZ doesnt cost that much do its a pssibility I can come if it happens


Maple leafs lost, but Sure.

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Jason I love you for doing this but I literally live in Nova Scotia now 😂😂❤️

Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration tho 😘 Maybe when I fly to Ottawa in August I can try to get me mum to drive meh down


Wow! I’ll start eyeing some flights and see if I have enough money if this happens. I’ll be at Oshkosh for sure though. I would come for sure as this is a great idea!

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I would love to go I live in TOR


Hmm maybe i could come👀


Oh CaNaDa OuR hOmE aNd NaTiVe LaNd

I bEliEvE I aNsWeReD cOrReCtLy


That’s a nice quick day trip from the mid-atlantic that is not terribly expensive depending on the day. If it’s on a weekday it’s a good excuse to take a day off work and the flight would probably be cheaper as well.

Now, my wife would probably kill me for even considering it. It’d still be worth it, right? 😂 @Doug_Hamilton do you have couch space in case I’m not allowed back home? Ha!


Toronto Pearson has awesome Airside Tours that Cameron and I participated in last year. They do group bookings on a case by case basis. I would definitely reach out to the coordinator and see if one would be possible if this went ahead.


I live only an hour flight away, but it depends on ticket pricing and timing. I might be in Mexico at the time, but if I’m not I would totally try to find a cheap ticket down there.


I’d love this! It’s within driving distance, depending on scheduling I’d do my best to make it up.


It’s closer to the US a I would be down

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