Toronto / Dehli in the 77W, my longest timelapse so far

Morning everyone

For some reasons unknown by simple mortals, my device now allows me to record more than 3GB in a row, which is necessary when the screen definition is on QHD (or 4K due to the phone format).

That means I can now start recording 16 hours straight and put them in the editing app to make you the sweetest videos. (4:30 hours of accelerated content to play with)

Air India 188 is the flight from Toronto to Delhi and take you deep into the night for a sunrise above Romania or the Black Sea. That means we spend the night above the wide blue and cannot get a good grasp at the differences between Eastern Europe and Turkish mountains but hey, it is what it is…

My second long haul is already edited and I will upload it sooner or later, I hope you enjoy the video.

Needless to say it wouldn’t feel the same without the locked free cam ;^)


NIce One. I personnally like the reception-like music


Really lovely! Which software did you use?

How much weights the video without timelapse?

I used AZ screen recorder and Power Director, both on android


I don’t remember correctly, the whole 3x speed video weighted around 15 to 18GB. I don’t know how much it would without the timelapse option but that wouldn’t be pretty.


Oof, weights a lot!!


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