Toronto City Airport (YTZ) Aircraft low approach

I just took off from Buttonville Airport (YKZ). The aircraft low approach was done at Toronto City Airport (YKZ). Then returned to Buttonville Airport to complete the landing.
I took many photos of Toronto downtown. The aircraft I fly today is a 46-year-old PA-28.


Absolutely fascinating photos, thanks! As an Air Canada VA pilot I love Billy Bishop (even though AC only has one route from there). The IF version is quite a good representation it seems.

I wondered where all the Porter Q400s were as the gates are empty… Then I saw them all lined up along the 2nd runway… Sad, I hope they manage to resume full service, although I’ve heard that may be in doubt.

Looks like an amazing flight! I did my PPL in Warriors also, although I was lucky to have quite a few new ones available at the flying school… They had lots of fancy lights on the panels 😊


Porter suspended operations March 2020 when the pandemic started. They have not operated any flights since then and just announced today that they are restarting operations in September.

Here is more about the recent Porter news.


When I entered the left base for Runway 08 today. I saw a lot of Porter Airlines’ Q400s parked on YTZ’s apron. It is shown in the picture above. I am also looking forward to YTZ Airport being able to regain its former vitality and become busy again.😁

Thank you for the information. Let us wait for the recovery of Porter Airlines! Today I also saw part of Porter’s Q400s being repaired or maintained in YTZ’s hangar.

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Nice pics! Was there today to fly with my brother.

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Because Buttonville Airport has a lot of GA flights that take off and land every time. Maybe I don’t know your brother. But I hope everyone will have a nice flight at buttonville airport.😉

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Thanks, bud!

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