Toronto Billy Bishop event recap

@Bay_Area_Aviation hosted a great event last night held at an unkown Billy Bishop airport in Toronto. Here are the highlights. Shoutout to everyone that joined the event!
@727Wrench @Prestoni @Mrniceguy73110 @Butter575 and @Bay_Area_Aviation.

First off was @Mrniceguy73110 takeoff

@Prestoni was next to leave.

@Butter575 left in style with a C350

@727Wrench left with an Air Canada

@Bay_Area_Aviation, our host, left 2nd to last.

I was the back of the bus and was last to leave.

Thank you so much to @Bay_Area_Aviation for hosting this event!


I thought jets of any kind were banned there?


Idk. I didn’t host the event.



Great shots!

Wow nice pics! This was the first community organized event I’ve been too, and it was a great one! Thanks again to the event organizer and everyone who participated.

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Thank you so much

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You’re welcome for the pictures

Great pictures @MAviationYT! Sad I couldn’t join an event at an airport I’ve flied to dozens of times. 😞

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No problem. Thanks for the compliment

I got ya 😊

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