Toronto Approach Controller Ethan h

Ethan- Curious why when requesting approach to CYYZ you responded that the airport was closed due to traffic (didn’t seem like that many arrivals) and then proceeded to tell me to check the forum for help on ATC instructions. ATIS didn’t report the airport as closed nor did any other indicators. I know how to use the system. I suggest the programmers that pilots should have a response option under misc messages. For instance, “Please clarify” etc…The one thing I don’t like about this system is that so much power is given to ATC without any way for a pilot to respond to incorrect or unilateral messages aimed solely at a specific pilot for no valid reason.

@Ethan_Hansen is your controller. Best bet is to send him a PM for clarification :)

Edit: I see you can’t message anyone yet. I’m sure @Ethan_Hansen will shoot you a DM once he’s done controlling.

Have a great rest of your day.


just FYI, ATIS doesn’t have an option for communicating that an airport is closed :)

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Where were you flying from ?

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I said that because you left from an airport that was to close for my liking to Toronto. If you came from JFK or another airport I would have vectored you in.



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