Topped-up subscription and it went making a new account

I think I’m in an uh-oh situation here… dunno how this could happen in my 3rd year sub purchase🤦

Steps I took was:

  1. Topped up android google play balance
  2. Open IF - Chose “I have an account”
  3. Resulting in message: User already exists.
  4. Restart IF - Clicked on payment and then chose IFC acc
  5. Resulting in endless spiral thingy
  6. By now I’m beginning to doubt myself… how did I always log in to my monthly sub??
  7. Restart IF - Clicked on payment and then chose google to log in. This must be it!
  8. Voila, I get pro, as a totally new user: N399LS - Grade 1

Is it possible to shift the unwanted new me (N399LS - Grade 1) to ol’ me (Capt JJ - Grade 3). Any help will be much appreciated. Thanking the Infinite Flight support team in advance for your time and considerations, have a great week, cheers!

I think Seb will be able to do this, if you send an email to or send him a PM, he’ll be able to resolve the matter for you.

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Just did that, hope there are solutions, thanks for your suggestion!

Btw I thought this category was made to report things like this, among other things? (cmiiw).

Yeah, but for privacy reasons, it’s best that you handle these situations in private (which is why Seb handles these conflicts in PM). There’s no issue with asking in public, though - that’s the purpose of this forum ;)

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I see…
A final thank you for you before this thread shall be closed, as suggested it’s currently being handled by support team via email.

See you in flight, cheers!

Had the same issue once, Seb indeed fixed it in no time 👌

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Working on it :)