Topics Closing After 3 Months

Since when was this around?


There are variations, “this topic will close in 24hs”. I think the period of time is established by the moderators.

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It’s a new thing we are testing out to stop bumping of old posts


And to answer your question it’s been around for a few hours

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I saw it a month ago, the 24hs one to be more precise.

Not sure if this sounds stupid, but weren’t we encouraged to bump old posts instead of creating a new one?

That was different. These ones are auto set for all #general, #announcements, #live, #support and #real-world-aviation threads

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That was before. If they’re so old that there has been no activity for 3 months then they will no longer be counted and a new thread can be made

Is that suppose to be a hint for rip forum storage?

Nope. They won’t be deleted, just closed so it doesn’t make any difference

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Trissy you don’t even like this forum do hush


It’d be nice if it was also for feature requests but I doubt that will ever happen

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Why in this topic? Is it offensive? Is it spam? Is it inappropriate?

Here it is again:


What’s with this?

I hope it doesn´t show in Humorous Live Photos or Community members spotted on Live.

Yes, thanks for the arrows pointing to the obvious point you were making.


It will automatically close after 3 months after the last reply. So, if there is no post in either of those threads, for 3 months, it will close the topic.

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As @MishaCamp pointed out, we are testing this.

If there is no activity in a topic for 3 months we can assume that the topic is dead and it is better to start something fresh since the information in that topic might be stale.


Thanks for this. Makes sense to me. Too many necroposts lately.