To Android playes! Which 787 should i buy? Every one of then are so Cool but i Want one of them…HELP!

Just use eenie meanie miney moe :3


Get all of them.

If stuck, buy the 787-9. If you have the resources; buy both the 787-9 and 787-10. They have the best liveries in my opinion.

789: Most liveries
7810: Longest
788: Lighter
Choose according to this

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Well lets see… if you want United, KLM, Etihad, ANA, House livery or SIA you go for the -10, if you like Scoot, American, Royal Jordanian or Qantas then go for -9 if you like JetStar, Delta, Qatar or the House livery go for the -8

im making a virtual airline called avianca virtual you should get the 787 - 8 and join the airline once it fully released

Definitely get the -9. Nicest and best proportioned 787 imo


I’d choose the -8 or -9 :)

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