Topic won't load

A very specific topic won’t load. Does anyone else have this problem?
I retried many times but it would not load.


Yes, I am having the same issue on the same topic.

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Polls seems to break the topic.

I’d really like to see it.
What are we going to do!?

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Can the @moderators help us?

It’s a discourse rhing

Is there any way I can view the topic?

Yep, I think it might be a problem everyone is experiencing!

what are we gonna do?!

It’s fine. It would be best to let the moderators know (which has been done). If they don’t have any ideas, it would be best to ask Discourse themselves!

Very unusual, I have never seen this before 🤔

Lol, I thought I was the only one

This is unusual @discourse

I have the same problem. Hope @discourse can help :-)

I think you can get in via this link

Or go to the Discourse profile and click on the link. To navigate in the topic you have to use the side scroll bar. Hope this helps!

Side scroll bar only takes you up to twelve. If you try to type 1 in the address bar the page doesn’t load.

It works for me

Apologies there is something weird going on with that particular topic but I’ve fixed in manually for now.

I know what is wrong but I have to figure out the root cause.


Thanks for your help!

Thanks a lot for your help Discourse! :-)
You deserve a cookie ;-)

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