Topic Remaining In ‘Watching’ Even When Switched Back To Normal - Happening Repeatedly

Hey everyone,

Ok, so I have a massive notification issue. I keep getting notifications from the IFATC At Home wiki thread. I reset it to normal from watching, but within a few hours it will have gone back to watching and I’ll start getting notifications again. Any ideas? Obviously there are a lot of notifications coming through.

Did you change the notification option in the thread?

Yes Diego, he says this in the original post.

@InfiniteFlightDeck Try restarting IFC and then changing the setting.

How do I do that?

You can try turning off the notification option in the IFC settinngs

Do you have the shortcut on a mobile device @InfiniteFlightDeck?

Well, yes, but then I won’t be notified of anything

Turn it on after. This maybe can help, im not sure

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I am using Discourse Hub. I have tried using it through Safari as well. Not sure which shortcut I’m looking for?

Ok, so you are accessing it through a mobile app (discourse?)

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Correct. But I have the same notifications issue with the site directly through a browser.

If you are, I would recommend going to your device settings and disabling notifications to give you peace. I am not sure how you would stop this issue, maybe contact discourse support if you want to remain notified of other topics etc.

Thinking about it, what I’ll do it turn off push notifications until after IFATC at Home. Then that topic will die down and it should be fine.

Can you try going to Preferences > Categories? Check if there are any categories listed under “Watched” or “Tracked”.

No, there aren’t

How about Preferences > Tags?

There you go!
I had atcschedule tag set to watching. So it’s that. Thanks guys and this can be closed.

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