Topic “phantom” closed

I searched around for this for a few muinets, and I turned up empty, so sorry if I missed something obvious I really tried…

I noticed that a particular topic had a closed icon, and you could not respond. Is this possiblely a glitch? Ran out of replies maby? I really don’t know, I was genuinely curious…

(this is the topic here…)

I think the mods can hide certain icons in certain circumstances. I have seen this before.


Nope… No glitch here. Moderators have the ability to hide their actions as discussed in the topic below. :)


@KPIT speaking about discourse, I can do that in our community as well, so it’s not a glitch :)

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Ah, I did miss something, sorry folks…


Wonder why it was closed, ah, whatever that’s a whole different topic…

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It say it will open in 3 days? 🤔

Some folks just tend to ruin the experience for other folks. Use those flags, be nice and respect one another. If none of those can be accomplished, then the topic gets closed. That topic won’t be around for much longer if we continue the current trend. Hold each other accountable please. 🙂


Oh okay, thank for the advice.

Hopefully it doesn’t continue. It’s my favorite topic on the forum.


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