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Hello to all! I’ve recently posted (about 2-3 hours ago) a livery feature to Infinite Flight, more specifically the Continental 737-900. I’m not sure if my formatting was incorrect, or if there somehow is another topic related to mine, but my topic still hasn’t been approved (I didn’t get any message regarding if my topic wasn’t approve). I understand that the mods have lives, but usually the mods here tend to be quick when it comes to approving posts. Anyways, hopefully that topic gets approved soon enough!

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I thought there was a rule on past airlines can’t be added as a feature request. Not sure. Your best bet is to DM moderators.

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Darn, I think you are right. Thanks for letting me know!

Heyo, @howdy_howdy

I just found this post

If you were interested in making a topic on the normal continental livery on the -900 you should be good to go ahead! I don’t know why the moderators disapproved of it.

There is also this topic which might be a duplicate of what you are requesting.

Feel free to correct and quote me if in wrong here-

This is a quote from Tyler’s post, I don’t know how you would classify Continental but as an airline that ceased operations, I believe that their livery should be allowed. Also, remember that the other two topics were also left open.

But as mentioned above, do message moderators to clear this up. And as you mentioned the mods do have lives so it would be best just to be patient for a little while longer.


Technically, Continental and United share the same livery, although it probably won’t be allowed.

I requested the Continental 737-900 livery (Regular), not the Continental Retro livery

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