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Capital Virtual Airlines- Event Outlook

Welcome to our event outlook! Here, we have compiled a full calendar of the next month of events planned for CVA. As many who have looked at our official thread know, we are trying to implement an every-other Saturday event schedule, to give all community members plenty of opportunities to fly with us in a fun environment. Some events will be held in expert and some will be held in training.

We will also hold community votes on our next events. The calendar below shows all future planned events and gives an ‘in planning’ ‘open’ , or ‘complete’ status to let you know which events you can sign up for. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Events in the Planning Stage may be, postponed rescheduled, or cancelled at any time prior to the release of the event in the #live:events category.


Sat. May 12- USA Capital Fly-In (Open)
Join CVA on a flight to the US Capital. Departing from KDFW, and flying about 3 hours to KIAD, Washington D.C.!

Sat. May 26- Welcome to The Land Of Enchantment- New Mexico! Fill Up KABQ! (Planning)
Join CVA out in the desert and fill up Albuquerque!


Sat. April 9- Caribbean Tropical Fly Out @KMIA (Planning)
We are all ready for a vacation! Join CVA at Miami International, and fly South to your favorite Caribbean destination!


Right now we are taking a vote between 3 different options for the upcoming event on June 23

  • The Friendship State- Texas! Fill up KAUS
  • The Beaver State- Oregon! Fill Up KPDX
  • The Last Frontier- Alaska! Fill up PANC

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More About CVA At Our Website!

Events will be posted on here. Great to see the event planning you have going on!

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This poll and “what’s coming up next” is better suited for your VA thread. The events category is for events that are already fully planned out.

I know. Just wanted to have our own topic for voting and stuff.

Ah, I see. Should I move it to #live:va?

An comment under your VA main thread will suffice, no need for a new topic as this is an update of your VA and also asking for community input

Some examples I found below:


Ok, I’ll move it shortly.

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