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When I was a TL 1, I had lots of Ideas for topics that I wasn’t able to create. That dissapointed me, and I looked up at the higher graders making successful topics. Then I moved to a higher TL and I made topics for all those ideas I had, and most of them were closed with mods trying to reduce the spam on IFC and make it a better place for everyone**.
This is a topic idea for a thread where people that have good ideas but can’t make topics can post them here, and higher TL people would try to sort them out, and make topics for ideas that seem good, non-duplicate, etc.

This would help lower TL people publish their ideas, and help higher TL people learn how to judge better.

I think this will get closed, but I hope it doesn’t!
Thank you!
(is my idea clear?)

** And it is a better place, thank you so much, moderators!

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Do you have any topic ideas?

Having a topic dedicated to something alone is what makes a topic noticed. If this were to happen, you wouldn’t be able to tell whats off-topic and whats not off-topic.

Sorry, but this just won’t happen.

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I understand and appreciate your suggestion robertine account I’m in the lower TL pool. These are the kinds of ideas we wish more leaders would shine towards - not forgetting their hardships to help those behind them however with the way the algorithms and format of IF community are set up this idea would defeat or cancel out the intent for which it was designed. Please continue to share ideas. Thank you.


The only areas that would affect new users are #features and #real-world-aviation. Both of which already require additional moderation as is. This topic would only create an opening and bypass the rules that we already have.