Topic got hidden 10 seconds after posting - “inappropriate”

What the title says 👆

Here’s my topic👇


Only the people who flagged it would know why we can’t see the whole topic because it is unlisted. Did a mod or staff unlist it if so please PM them to discuss.


It says “multiple people” flagged it. How could they do that within 10 seconds? Maybe a glitch?

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Check this thread out:

It is possible you used a word, that is considered to be inappropriate. The PM you received about the flag, is that the system itself flagged yours as inappropriate, due to usage of words that are not allowed on the forum, according to the new guidelines.


Tripreport… Ok not that…

It’s the system recognising a word that thinks is inappropriate towards the community of all ages. It’s managed to pick itself a word there. I don’t know what one, so I’m just experimenting with it. I’m sure if you PM yourself the post, and it immediately flags it, then it’s a system flag.

I was trying to quickly see if that was the word that he system picked up.

But it not the system. It said multiple people flagged it…

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PM yourself and copy and paste this. If it flags it, then it’s the system.

It will say that even if the system flags your post. It will say multiple people regardless of if it is human factor or not. And I highly doubt a number of people flagged your topic in juts under a minute of posting it.

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Ok… copy and pasting now!

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I’m currently making a tripreport, all the editing is already done and all I have to do is add a voiceover of me reading the text I have written below.

Before I do so, I would like to share my script on the IFC. I’m looking for feedback and things I can possibly change… Thanks in advance!

Read the text HERE


  • Aircraft Type: Airbus A380-800
  • Aircraft ID: A6-EOB
  • Livery: Orange Dubai Expo 2020
  • Airline: Emirates
  • Class: Economy Class
  • Flight number: EK344
  • Flight time: 6h10m

Hello and welcome from Dubai International Airport, also known as OMDB to you avgeeks out there.

I’m in Terminal 3 right now, and I’m about to board my flight inbound to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK). But, before that, I’m going to head down to the official Emirates store so I can purchase a plane model there.

I ended up choosing a 1:200 scale model of the Emirates B777-9X. Whilst I was at the store, I met this guy called Patrick Smith, who’s a real airline pilot and flies the B767. You should check out his media sources, he has a really cool website. Shoutout to him, his website link will be in the pinned comment in the comment section.

After I purchased the plane model, I quickly headed to the gate, B17, where the Emirates A380-800 in the Orange Expo livery was waiting to be boarded.

Boarding went quite smoothly. The only thing I didn’t really like, was when I was told by one of the Flight Attendants that I wasn’t allowed to film if I didn’t have everyone’s permission on the plane. As you see in this clip, I ask since when are people not allowed to film onboard. She said that it was a UAE privacy law or something. Pity, as it didn’t seem to be a problem on my last Emirates flight just 2-3 weeks ago. Anyway, so that’s the reason why I’m filming my shoes when walking to my seat, 86K, so I didn’t film anyone else.

I luckily got a window seat, so I’m quite happy with that. Now, let’s have a look at the seat itself. I was very pleased when I realised that this was still a pretty new aircraft, fitted with Emirate’s newest interior and chairs. The entertainment television is huge! It is 27cm in width and 15cm in height. To the far bottom right of the entertainment television, there is a USB port which I find very handy as I can use that to charge my devices I use in my trip reports like I do now. Just below the entertainment television there is a sort of remote control/gaming controller, which can be used as both. There the usual, tray table, cup holders, etc. They also have a bag knob, where you can hang your bags on.

I love the entertainment system on Emirates. It’s called ICE: which stands for Information Communication Entertainment. Here are some examples about the different types of things they have in those sections.

Here are the headphones used for entertainment. They’re fine for short flights, but wearing them nonstop or just for a straight 2 hours makes your ears hurt as they’re in a funny shape (a rectangle).

Right about now, we’re taxiing to the runway. As you see I’m also typing my script for this tripreport.

Time for takeoff! Sorry if you can’t really see anything, my GoPro only picked up the reflected light in the cabin when filming through the huge A380 windows. I had to film using my iPad instead, which I use for writing my tripreport scripts as I am now doing.

The food was very tasty and I ended up eating two meals, as I usually do on flights. I had 1 portion of roasted beef in gravy with mashed potatoes and vegetables and 1 portion of spicy garlic fish with dry noodles. Both were really good. The salad was a typical Arabic one, which I personally find delicious as I have lived in Dubai for over 3 and a 1/2 years. The dessert was a nice way to finish the meal service, a sort of thick sweet cream sprinkled with chocolate and topped with amazing raspberry jam. I was not able to film any of the food as I was too busy trying to keep my plate down: there was a lot of turbulence.

After eating, I take a rest and sleep for a couple of hours. I love the mood lighting they have, with the artificial stars shining bright in the cabin ceiling. I look at that and slowly begin to drowse off.

When I wake up there’s about 2 hours left of the flight and I enjoy it by watching a movie.

Around half an hour or so till landing, they give everyone some sort of pastry with some drinking water. I don’t really like the pastry, so I only eat half of it.

Really mild turbulence happens very 10 minutes on the flight so that’s quite annoying. You would only get bad turbulence 3 times, one of them being during meal service (as I mentioned earlier). You really have to time when to go to the toilet or if you want to stretch, as cabin crew will make sure you return to you seat even when there’s very very little turbulence or even none at all.

With just 10 minutes to go, cabin crew are already seated for landing. The pilot sets the flaps to 2 or 3.

The landing was rally smooth and enjoyable. Look at that humongous shadow!

I guess I’m allowed to film when deplaning the aircraft as I’m technically not filming anyone’s faces.

Overall, it was a good flight. I would give the seat comfort a 7/10, service a 9/10, entertainment a 8/10 and aircraft cleanses a 10/10.

Thank you for watching this DutchPilot1 tripreport from DXB-KUL onboard an Emirates A380 wearing the Orange Dubai 2020 Expo livery.


Yup. It’s the system.

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I don’t know what word it is though…

It was a system flag, just as @Captain_JR said.


Yup, just realised that.

Sorted! The staff will/have un-flagged it. The system does sometimes put a couple of words together in an unlucky sentence, but it’s still worth it to keep the community clean and safe!

Happy Flying!

Thanks to that, i found it and removed the word “Knob” from the list.