Topic for flight/atc or formation flights requested by Community members

I want made this topic for all requests by community members who wants fly with another users etc…

This topic avoid new topic creation for each person want fly at the moment… I think it will be a great topic like community members spotted on live topic.

I will avoid duplicate topic, please use this topic for all flight/atc/formation flight request…

Thank you!


Anyone want me to fly a pattern for them?

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I’d prefer a separate category… Called Events…

yes guy if you want but, i want just avoid :

and a lot others…

just join it in one only topic to avoid “duplicate things” topic.

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That’s just bad. If we have an existing category for it, why not?

This topic could get a mess. I would prefer separate threads for ATC especially.


I would propose a subcategory under Live for flight requests. For quick less organized flights that don’t meet the events guidelines.


Philippe? Do you think what @AR_AR says is a great idea?

I am 99% sure I said no to this…

Also, I tried this before. It didn’t work out too well.