Topic closures without reason

Lately I have been seeing some mods closing topics, without any clue on why this has occurred. For example, feature requests where people have explained why they need to be closed, are ok to be closed, but I have been seeing various topics closed where I have no clue why they have been, not even writing duplicate or something else.

I have no problem with any topic being closed of course, but surely there should be some indication on why this has happened?


wow another topic haven’t seen this one before also haven’t see the part where mods say to pm them if you have questions about topic closings…

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Because only regulars get to banter in their own forum.

no thats actually not why at all not even close if you think regulars we get plenty of topics closed

Yeah but I’m sure you can go off topic more often in that other forum,

@zbelle This is not a topic to argue about forum rules thanks.

That makes no sense. You are asking/arguing about why topics are “randomly” closed.


I am asking why topics are being closed without any description why. I am not arguing that they shouldn’t be closed, or the rules need to be changed.


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Its called lounge for a reason its for long time members to go off topic its the entire point of that category

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Why ask about it if you aren’t asking for a change? The issue here is apparently lack of transparency. I believe MC addressed this the other day on another thread.

@zbelle IceBlue here is just asking something. There’s no need to completely kick off about something like this. If you have a problem, PM each other.

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We have explained that we do not always need to give explinations for topic closures, even if you do not understand the reason behind the closure.