Topic Closed regarding young Andrew Morris

But it’s a supporting thing to do, it’s notnlike we’re being bad or mean

This is my opinion -

I think closing it was a good call, what happen is sad. It shows that life is young, now the remembrance flights are more appropriate to us then a petition. We can go fly the 787 on IF in honour of Him.


I personally do not think they are nor are you.

I can feel the anger from you folks, although I was not a part of this and I don’t know what has happened, but I need to say that…

Life is a endless chase, Andrew chased his dream but was unable to reach it, the reasons we may never know.

But one thing is to remember is that, he will be remembered and you can always go sign up for that petition if you’d like. So let’s take a moment to mourn his pass away and continue on from there.


Yes very smart idea as in fact there are too events up right now in honor of him.

One put on by our very own IFAE

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Guys, stop please. The mods have spoken. You cannot change anything. Let us respect him in peace :)


Personally, I am on no side, I do feel that this is a sad moment but at the same time, we can’t do much other than honor him for that he lived for and what he has done.

A young soul with great passion, gone away too soon some may say, but we can’t keep what’s meant to say good bye

It’s difficult time for many and many people here are not happy about the outcome of the previous topic being closed down, but we need to understand where to draw a line. The petition still open, go and show your love and support if you want to, don’t take thing too far here, keep it low, also remember to maintain self-control at this current moment.

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He was lost in an accident, the aviation world is mourning the loss of someone that young. The family wants peace in knowing we are there for them, not in petitions, and people online doing this and that. The mods are very sentimental, and kind, although you might not see it that way. They do care for people, and they want only the best for the forum, and the family.

Now if you wish to pm me about this go ahead.


I’ve asked politely that we respect the sensitive nature of the circumstance surrounding the loss of Andrew McMorris. Andrew’s family and friends deserve the respect that they deserve to mourn the loss of their son, friend, and pilot. Some of you have raised questions/concerns regarding this subject. We recognize that he was an avid pilot on Infinite Flight and for that we are deeply grateful. Words cannot express how much this weighs on Infinite Flight. There is a petition link that is still available to you folks to sign if you so decide to do so. That link will be right here:

If you guys would like to attend an even in memorial of Andrew then please consider joining the event that Nate has respectfully created:

I’m not asking you guys to stop because I’m telling you to do so. I’m asking you to do so out of respect for the family. Please. Thank you.