Topic Closed regarding young Andrew Morris

I am writing to make my feelings known regarding such action to close my post about the naming of a AA 787 in memory of young Andrew Morris.

Firstly. AA have already made a superb gesture for andrew in writing an Instagram post in his memory.

I think this forum needs to have more compassion and care after all. People make things such as go fund me pages etc when things like this happen. The IFC decision to close down the post is totally inappropriate and insensitive. I hope those who voted to have it closed have that in their conscience.


I know nothing yet (I’ll look) but I am interested in hearing FDS/Mods side


How is a petition for a plane to be named after someone inappropriate?


They closed it as this is a forum for avaition and the game. I feel as this topic on him kinda makes it the forums feel sad about learning about a fellow aviator passing. So if you would like to PM people and tell them that would probaly be best because that’s how I found out about this incident


Them having it closed was inappropriate. Those who voted to have is closed have no conscience but simply an agenda of their own.

Hi James,

While I agree with what you said, we close these sensitive in nature topics out of respect for the families. We want to respect the privacy of the friends and family. Yes folks around here like to take screenshots and take text out of context. It’s better to error on the side of caution than have to deal with such items on the back end. It is indeed sad and heartbreaking in light of what happened but for now we just need to keep the family, friends and those who knew him in their thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for the understanding.


Then those people who feel sad, will know there’s a large group of people supporting Andrew and his family.

I think, as much as its a sad loss, its that it’s not really something for a flight simulator forum to comment about. Its the family’s time to mourn, and it’s not time for people to asking for aircraft to be named after him, for this and that to happen, we just need to be there for the family, but not be posting topics about it.

Thats just my opinion, if you wish to talk about it PM me


The young lad was a member if this community. A well respected member at that from what i hear. I think this is the least the forun can do is to honour him not just dismiss the fact that because it makes people sad it has to be closed. It’s ridiculous.


We were only trying to get a petition signed to have a 787 named after him. Yes, I understand closing a topic announcing his death. But closing a petition where people could support Andrew is idiotic in my opinion.


I 100% agree with you. it is ridiculous

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Once again, its a Flight Simulator Forum. I get why people would be mad about it being closed, its just not the place for it.

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Connor I have made my feelings known i will decide whether to contact the relevant people to ask their opinion but i just hope those who closed it can live with the fact that they are doing little Andrew and his family a total disrespectful act

The link is still there for folks to sign the petition. Let’s not take things too far now.


It’s a petition to have a aircraft named after him to honor him.


I’ll be going offline now, if you still want to talk to me DM me.

It’s a flight simulator forum that the young lad was a member if and very well known. It’s the least you can do.

And I stand by their opinion to close it. Once again they are taking the family’s thoughts into mind, which if people started mixing words around would be terrible for the family, just like Matt said, its better to heed caution when it comes to these topics

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To be fair, the mods and the community are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


He was a well known member from my understanding it is the least we can do