Topic character limitation


I was about to announce my big Global Flight at 9 airports to the forum. But when I clicked ‘Create Topic’ it said:

‘Body is too long, maximum number of characters is 32000, you’ve entered 52955’

Why is there a limit because now I can’t post my event that I’ve spent a week planning :(

This is implemented to avoid copy paste spam, and to conserve space (storage)

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Right, I see the reasons there!

So how can I release my event then - since its a Global Anniversary Fly-Out from 9 different airports?

Try to remove some long spaces, and try to simplify it down

Ok, so I’ve deleted the long spaces, and it still says it is too long.

Will I have to remove a couple of airports?

Hi! Would you mind sending me an outline of your event so I can make suggestions on how to shorten it? (If not that’s completely fine :)

The 32000 character is a hard limit. Even for moderators we have to deal with this limitation. Please try to cut your post down. If you’re almost 1.5 times over the character limit, then your post is TOO detailed.

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Basically it’s the event description, and all that important information.

Then 9 airports with all their respective gates! (Several Hundred Gates in total)

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Most of it is from the 9 airports’ gates list

And I don’t want to have to delete any airports.

You could make a google spreadsheet or doc (I’m not a google guy) with all of the Gates 🤷🏼‍♂️

There is something seriously wrong going on if you have 50,000 characters. My 10 page research papers for school, double spaced, are only about 20,000 characters. Unless you’re literally writing a book and trying to post it, there must be something fishy going on with the post like thousands of extra spaces.


Oh I didn’t think of that!

I will do that, and then link the google sheet in the thread!

Thanks! :)

DeerCrusher this can be closed, DiamondGaming has provided the solution!

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The event has been announced!

Go and grab a gate and thanks for all the help!