Topic Categories

Hi everyone, recently there has been a surge in topics that need to be recategorized so I am making a quick read to help you categorize it correctly:

First is General. This is the place where you pur questions or topics about the sim or community that do not meet the suggestions listed below.

Next up is the Features. The category title is, well, very self explanatory. However, there are some forgotten rules to this category that some of us (Including the mods and devs) would really appreciate you following:

  1. Please no photos in feature requests! Photos take space and are not to the point. The devs want to know what you want, not what it looks like.
  2. One feature request per topic! When the devs look through the forums to see what’s “trending” in this category, it is easy for them to pick and choose the desired request if the topic is based on one request only. Much simpler for them to deal with one request only.
  3. Please search before making a feature request topic! the community/forums have grown so much over the past couple months that your request likely has already been made. Search the forum for that topic then comment on the old topic. If you can’t find a topic based off of your request, then feel free to make a new one!


This is where you post issues with the app. Please always provide your device and operating system and most importantly, how to replicate the bug. It helps the devs find and fix your problem in the least amount of time. Therefore the update may come sooner ;).


This is where you post questions or info about the forum. If you want to know how to make a poll, this is the place to post it (However that question has been asked bundreds of times so please search!). Info posts, like this one, get shuttled into Meta.


Post issues or questions with the sim in support. You have the ability to “Solve” the post when you get your satisfactory answer.


Post events in Live here. Please follow the event title format (This is a good time to practice searching the forum if you don’t know). jooeball swang007 rotate and Captain_DJ are willing to help (Apologies if I tagged a wrong person, please let me know so I can untag you).


Post questions, screenshots, and notices about Live here. Straightforward.


This is where you post ATC related topics. These cna be you announcing the status of the airport you are controlling, questions for ATC controllers, etc. If you want to be an Advanced Controller, pleas do not post it in here. PM @John_Preston21, Tom_Grollman, Justin16, and jreilly2311 and others if you want help getting the coveted promotion.


Feel free to fulfill your testing needs here. Trying out a feature or learning how some features work are all accepted here. Please don’t use it to increase, post count, spam the forum, etc.


Straightforward title. Post tutorials here. If you want to post one but don’t have the trust level, feel free to tag a mod or regular to move it for you. More tutorials the better! Make sure that you aren’t posting duplicate ones though.

Real World Aviation (RWA as I have called it for a while now):

Post non-IF aviation announcements and news here.


Post your own photos of real life aviation-related objects here. Emphasis on your own. Please don’t steal other photographers’ work(s). Topics relating to spotting can be posted here too.


Don’t ever post anything here. Meant for the devs and mods only.


Topics relating to the development/services relating to Infinite Flight go here.

Thank you for reading and happy posting!

If you ever need help, feel free to contact the mods, @Philippe, @Swang007, @MishaCamp, @Aernout , @carmalonso , @Tyler_Shelton, and @DIsraelFDS. They’re here to help and are nice people who don’t bite (Unless you break rules/act up).

Regulars (Myself and others with the “Regular” tag under our usernames) also can help with topic categorization and titles. It would be nice if you could categorize your topics correctly, but if you really need help, you can ask us. I accept PMs regarding where to put topics, etc. I’m sure some other Regulars wouldn’t mind.

Disclamier: I am not a moderator, but a regular who wants to make my, and the mods jobs easier.


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Good reference thread. Should be useful for starting users.

Thank you for notifying me; who am I missing?

@Tyler_Shelton I think.

Just realized I forgot @DIsraelFDS was a mod I apologize.

Anymore I am missing?

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Great stuff, thanks a lot :)

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@MishaCamp @Axel_Beder are on a temporary stop due to university / school it’s not they that are not recruiters anymore but they don’t have the time available at the moment. :)

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There is Dan, but he’s rather inactive…

If you click “about” it displays all the mods and admins! :) ;)

Added on a small portion regarding non-photo spotting threads. A post can but put in spotting if it is an article or video relating to spotting

New recruiters: @anon66442947 @Justin16 and @jreilly2311


Updated recruiter list with the new usernames provided

Another one is also in… @Tristan_Hensley

Bump. Miscategorizing is on the rise again.